How to Re-Apply for Your Job after a Merger

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Did your company go through a merger recently? Is the new management asking you to reapply for the position you currently hold? This is shocking news for many employees especially when a person is not expecting it and totally unprepared; they find it difficult to handle this situation.

This happens in many mergers because of layoffs or downsizing. This is a time when positions are limited and the current employees have to face tough competition for the one or two openings available. Another reason behind being asked for reapplication may have to do with employee discrimination. If an employer chooses to keep a few employees and reject others, this could be considered as a bias decision. So, to counter it, all the employees must have the equal opportunity to apply for the job and the decision is made on pure merits.

What Are The Ways To Handle Re-Application?

  • It is natural for an employee to face the risk of losing a job due to downsizing. But the employee must never react to show their frustration, anger or disbelief.
  • Do not ever share your feeling such as anger or frustration with any of your colleagues. Employers prefer the positive attitude you display during this period. This will not only give you hope but also add to team morale and confidence.
  • If you want somebody to share your feelings with, choose someone outside the organization.
  • Due to limited job positions available, there is no guarantee that you will acquire the same position on reapplication. Therefore, stop presuming that the position is destined to be yours.
  • It rarely happens that your new employer knows about your work aptitude. An employee must not assume that they are aware of your accomplishments and dedication. There may be some new recruiters or decision makers who do not know your work history.
  • You must modify your resume by adding up services that you have provided to the company. Highlight the outcomes and the skills that led to the success of those qualities.
  • Presenting a cover letter is as important as your resume.
  • In case of any difference in job responsibilities, ensure the employer that you are capable enough to handle those.
  • You can add a good impression by working late hours, or showing up early for any challenging task or a project. It will add to the positive attitude required for your selection.
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