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Blink is a messaging service which lets users share messages over a mobile network. Recently, Yahoo has acquired this company. Though this piece of news is confirmed, none of the details have been revealed. The seven team members of Blink, which includes the founders as well, are now a part of Yahoo.

Blink has many competitors like Snapchat, Wickr, Confide and Frankly.  The company was established by Michelle Norgan and Kevin Stephens which also founded Meh Lab. Initially, Blink dealt with Kismet, which is a location based service. Kismet never really became that popular, so Blink turned its attention towards private mobile messaging.  

It was about a year ago that this company was launched, exclusively for the iOS platform. As 2014 began, an Android compatible version also hit the market. All Blink users can share text messages, photos, voice messages, video and a number of other things on both a group and individual basis. A lot of messaging services already offer these features, but Blink differs from them because it offers time based messaging service. This means that a user can control the visibility of messages they send, and recipients can read or view them only for that time period. If it expires, the messages are no longer accessible.

At the start of this year, Blink had a limited user database, most of which was based in the US.   Since then, it has spread to some Middle East countries as well, which has become its second largest market. At that time, the founder gave a statement that Blink will focus in the Arabic region and may also come up with a pro version, so that it could be used for business purposes as well. 

Let’s get to the main point of our blog now. What does Yahoo want with Blink? It is definitely not the service; time based or not, messaging apps are very common. Yahoo is after the talent Blink has. The founder is going to be really valuable for Yahoo, thanks to the rich career he has had. He was PM at YouTube and Google, engineer at Apple and a Senior Director at Boxee.

The investors of Blink are not so sure if the strategy is going to work and if Yahoo can have a better talent pool this way. This is probably why the details have been kept hidden.


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