Google’s Next Step: Acquisition of Divide

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Google now wants a bigger piece of the pie, and seems to be getting it. Android which is owned by Google is loved by the young and enterprise users are a fan of the more sophisticated BlackBerry and iOS. Google also wants to step into the enterprise market, and with the acquisition of Divide, they can do it. Divide is a startup which offers a Mobile Device Management software or MDM, which is widely used by enterprises these days. It caters to the BYOD concept in which enterprises allow their employees to use their personal phones with third party applications for drawing a line between business and personal use. 

This deal was announced by Divide on their blog, which read that they were thrilled to have now become a part of Google. The post went on to say that Divide will continue the development of their software, which will still be available for all existing customers. This software is compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Divide was established in 2010. Inspired by the bring-your-own-device or BYOD trend, Divide offers a secure solution, based on cloud management and advanced on-device technology. Control and security is guaranteed, and there is no compromise of privacy and personal freedom. The software can be used as a workspace, mainly for business purposes. All business related data and apps are stored, and separated from other personal date of the mobile phone. The workspace can be managed from a Divide Manager.

Divide software is available as a free app and premium edition, which costs around $60 annually. The company claims their software has been downloaded over 200,000 times and their clients include big names like Verizon, Vodafone and IBM.

So why is Google interested in Divide? In the world of enterprise market, Google holds only 27% of the market share. The rest is taken up by Blackberry and Apple. With Divide on their side, Google can enhance Android and make it more secure, while improving its manageability.

An industry expert told the press that until now, Google devices can only be used in the enterprise market if third party products are installed onto them. If Google can use Divide’s security measures and incorporate them into the Android OS, they can increase their market share.

The financial details of the deal between Google and Divide have not been revealed. 


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