Facebook to Acquire Fitness Tracking App

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In the past few weeks, Facebook made an announcement regarding another acquisition in the near future. This time it is a fitness tracking app, formally known as Moves.

Moves was launched by a company called ProtoGeo Oy, which will now belong to Facebook’s circle of companies.  Recently, Facebook has acquired many other startups as it strives to become more than just the biggest social networking platform.

In the past, Facebook’s strategy was aimed at ensuring that people utilized Facebook for everything that they did online, whether it was playing games or sharing photos. But now with smartphones and tablets taking up most of the internet traffic, Facebook has changed its strategy. The world revolves around mobile apps now, and Facebook wants to get a hold of as many apps as it can, each for different purposes. All these apps will be controlled by Facebook itself. Though Facebook has never announced this, the industry experts believe this to be their strategy. Recently, they have shifted their messaging service to another app by the name of Messenger.  This serves as evidence of the strategy mentioned above.

Now that Facebook has acquired Moves, it has stepped into the world of fitness and training. There are already many prominent names in this sector, but Facebook plans to be different from them. The company is aimed at setting up an app that will be integrated with devices you will be wearing. This is still a growing venture that is based on the so called concept of Internet of Things. Facebook is not the only company after this, other tech giants like Google and Apple have also set their eyes on the Internet of Things.

This is not the first time that Facebook has acquired an app that is related to wearables. However, all these apps were not really meant for a smart watch, headband or any other similar device which can be worn on the body. With Moves, this is not the case and many industry experts feel that Facebook has taken the game ahead with this acquisition.   

Both parties have not yet released the details of the deal that will take place or announced a date. A spokesperson did give a hint and said that the value of this deal is not anywhere close to all the recent deals made in the past few months. 

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