Google Blocks Facebook from Acquiring Titan Aerospace

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In the past few weeks, Facebook showed a lot of interest in Titan Aerospace, a company which manufactures drones. At that time, both companies were interested in an acquisition. Now the acquisition has taken place, but the parent company isn’t Facebook. Instead, it is Google and they have bigger plans with Titan than Facebook had.

Facebook wanted Titan so that it could provide internet access in those areas of the globe that are not so easy to reach. This could be achieved with the help of drones which Titan manufactures. These drones can remain in the air for extended periods of time and can fly above altitudes which cannot be reached by commercial aircrafts. The reach may not be as far as satellites, but drones can still be used for generating signals.  This was why Facebook wanted drones, but Google has slightly different plans. They can utilize Titan for all their mapping services. In other words this means that if Google can get control of drones in the atmosphere, it will be very similar to them operating their satellites. But how would this change the current scenario and benefit consumers?  Maps will be accessed at faster speeds and will be updated more frequently.

In the past week, a report released by a reputed company, highlighted that Google also wants to improve their imaging features and enhance Google Earth. The report said that drones were not the only items on Google’s list. The company was also interested in Skybox Imaging, which is a company involved with the development of satellites. Skybox can capture updated images of the earth, and is a great stepping stone for Google’s ultimate aim. Titan’s drones can also take images, but Skybox is a step ahead.

Google’ ultimate goal is not just limited to imagery. Like Facebook, Google is also focusing on the Internet of Things for which they have launched the Project Loon. The primary aim is to deliver internet in all regions of the world. With the acquisition of Titan, Google can take this project a step ahead.

Project Loon currently focuses on a ring of balloons over a specific region. If drones are brought into the picture, Google will be able to provide internet connectivity across greater distances and remote areas, while having a higher control level.


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