Amazon Buys Double Helix

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The video gaming industry is already surging with high competition levels as every other company tries to spring ahead of the others, but the sector will now get ignited by a new spark. Amazon has set its foot in the industry by acquiring Double Helix Games.

This is a time when other gaming companies have realized that deals are a great way to jump ahead to the first spot. Most of them are already planning out mergers and acquisitions for themselves, and with Amazon in the market now, they are facing a threat and it will be a challenge for all of them.

Recently, Zynga, the developer of FarmVille acquired a UK based gamin company in a deal that was worth $391 million. Apple also bought Primesense, which develops 3D sensors in a deal valued at $360 million. Apple’s motive behind this acquisition was the same as Amazon’s; get into the gaming industry and step ahead. Considering Apple TV product range, they could really benefit from this move if they can start developing games for their own products. Primesense is actually the technology behind Kinect motion sensing device, which is used for Xbox.

Compared to Google, Amazon has plans to implement a bigger strategy. Whether it will be better or not, that only time will tell. Amazon is going to invest millions of dollars for developing their programs, which will appears as a challenge to Netflix and other mainstream broadcasters. As for Double Helix, Amazon wants to cash onto this so that it can launch its own gaming console, which will compete with Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.

Double Helix has developed many games on popular movies like Star Wars and Indian Jones. Their most popular game is probably Killer Instincts. The company was born in the year 2007 after the Collective Inc and Shiny Entertainment merged together.

A representative at Amazon told the press that they have acquired Double Helix so that they can meet the demands of their clients and offer them innovative games. He added that the acquisition will not only provide Amazon with assets, but will also bring some new talent into the pool.

Double Helix has around 75 who will operate from their current offices. As for the studio, that will now bear Amazon’s name.


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