Facebook’s Acquistions: Now it’s Oculus! What’s Next?

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In the recent past, Facebook has made so many acquisitions. Perhaps there is no limit to the extent to which they can go in order to achieve their goals. First it was WhatsApp that hit the news, and then the discussions diverted to Titan, the drone developers. So what has Facebook acquired now? This time, Facebook has made one of the weirdest acquisitions in its entire history. The social media platform is now planning to buy Oculus, a company which develops virtual reality headsets, in a deal that is worth $2 billion, including both stock and cash.

In an interview, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg told the press that there were only a limited number of companies that were working on technologies powerful enough to be the next big thing. He added that Oculus is one of them because a time will come when virtual reality will be integrated into our daily lives.

Oculus has been founded by a 21 year old, but working as its chief technology officer, is one of the biggest game developers in the world. He has launched many successful games such as Quake and Doom.

As of now, Oculus is working on a Rift visual reality system, which is compatible with PCs.  With an appearance similar to a pair of dark shades or goggles, Rift will give you an enthralling gaming experience and take you into a rich 3-D world.   The product is not in the market as yet, but developers can still gain access to a kit, if they pay $350. 

So why does Facebook need these fancy new ‘goggles’? Because the company believes that they can use this technology to bring you a virtual experience like never before.  Right now, you can connect to your friends through video chats and VoIP calls, but in the time to come, you may actually be able to have a virtual dinner or tea with them in a virtual café. You might also be able to use this technology to have a virtual appointment with your doctor via Facebook.

Currently, Rift is only targeting gamers, but Zuckerberg hopes to change this very soon.  He has already thought up many amazing applications and work has begun on some of them. If things proceed as planned, the technology will become powerful enough to revolutionize lifestyles.

Source: www.dailyfinance.com

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