Is there a Google-Verizon Merger on the Horizon?

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Is there a Google-Verizon merger on the horizon? Is this even a possibility? While we cannot be sure about this right now, we think Google will merge with Verizon in the time to come, and the industry experts do agree with us.

Recently, Google has announced that it has plans to expand Google fiber in 34 more cities. In all these cities, Google faces competition with some of the biggest names in the industry.  And, in all these 34 cities, no Verizon services are offered… so is Google’s plan to buy Verizon and launch its services in those areas where it does not operate? Good question.

According to the pros, a merger between Google and Verizon will probably be among the biggest, if not the biggest corporate merger. Combined, the market cap of these two markets crosses $530 billion. Previous mergers in the industry were worth $183 billion at the most, which is not much when you compare it to the value of the Google-Verizon deal – if it happens.

Even four years back, there was buzz that Google would merge with Verizon, but the rumors died down at that time. They have risen up again, and if Google takes this step, it will be a great move.

Affordable Services

Who doesn’t crave economical rates? A Google-Verizon merge can deliver high speed internet and at very affordable rates. This will help our country in stepping up their pace and coming at par with other countries where the internet is faster and more economical than the current speeds and rates offered here.

Lower Programming Costs

The costs of TV programming services are not reduced until the broadcasters and cable network providers offer a volume discount. If Google and Verizon combine, costs can be reduced through advertisements which will be targeted at viewers who watch the programs on IP connected devices.

Better Home Automation

A couple of weeks before, Google announced a merger with Nest Labs, a name that deals with home automation. The deal was worth $3.2 billion.  Recently, Verizon announced that they are redesigning their Home Monitoring and Control Service, and currently it is not being offered. Maybe, an upcoming merger is the reason behind this. If Verizon can cash in on Nest Labs technology, they will be able to provide better home automation services.


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