Facebook to Merge with a Drone Developer

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According to Facebook’s latest statements, Facebook is interested in buying a solar drone company. If this acquisition takes place, Facebook will soon be able to tap into a new development that will be able to deliver internet across the globe to everyone who is not connected. And how will this happen? The drones will deliver internet to everyone.

The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has stated that the deal will be worth more than $60 million. Though the price may appear large initially, it actually is not when you compare it with the other acquisitions that Facebook has recently made. Take the Instagram deal for instance which was worth $1 billion. There was also the WhatsApp acquisition which was worth $19 billion if you include the reserve stocks.

No matter what the worth of the deal is, it can do Facebook good.  The drones can be really helpful in allowing Facebook to provide internet access to over 2.7 billon people all over the world. As of now, the drone company is involved in the development of drones that are solar powered. Should Facebook proceed with the deal, they will be able to get nearly 11,000 of these drones.

A source has told us that Facebook is planning to utilize the Solara 60 drone, which is capable of carrying as much as 250 pounds.  The applications of this drone are extensive in number. It can be used for monitoring the weather, aid the rescue team should a disaster strike and take quality images of the earth from space. Other than this, they can also be used for delivering data and voice services.

The primary aim of the drone manufacturing company is to create products which offer significant benefits while inspiring the people who use them. The primary feature of these products is that they are based on solar energy. Every drone comprises of a solar panel that can generate ample amounts of energy, enough to keep the drone in the air for around five years.

If the deal between these two companies is finalized, Facebook will be able to take a step closer to their goal. If these drones can help in delivering internet all over the world, Facebook will eventually have a powerful stance in the industry.

Source: www.techcrunch.com

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