Will BlackBerry Make a Rebound?

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BlackBerry does not exactly have a lot to boast about over the last couple of years, and now the company is being affected by Facebook’s takeover of WhatsApp. The good thing is this impact is positive and BlackBerry might make a rebound.

A couple of days ago, the chief executive of the company made an interesting statement. He said that they were interested in a sale, but it will be some time before it will be a reality. He went on to add that while operating the company, if there was anything they can do that would help the shareholders, it would be considered seriously. He went on to say that right now was not the time for an acquisition and getting a deal worth $19 billon. However, he is thinking about a payout in the time to come.

BlackBerry is no longer regarded as the premier cellular service and their phones are not common anymore. It is Apple and Android that dominate the market, and BlackBerry has fallen way behind in the race. The only edge they have right now is their messaging service, which might still help them in earning substantial revenue; that is if they cash in on it in the right manner.

Considering the current market, there are already so many messaging services available like Viber and WhatsApp. Despite, the BlackBerry Messenger has still managed to maintain its stance and has over 85 million users. Compared to WhatsApp 450 million users, this number is not that impressive but BlackBerry is still satisfied with the stats. The company claims that their messaging service is faster, offers more security and has more features than other similar options.

As for the shareholders, they also expect that the messenger service will be sold off. Ever since the WhatsApp deal, the stock figures have been on the rise, but the investors are not that sure if the deal is going to be worthy or not. The Facebook and WhatsApp deal is valued at $16 billion, excluding restricted stocks. This amounts to nearly $35 per user. If BlackBerry’s per user rate was this much, the overall worth of the deal will be $3 billion or $3.6 billion if analysis is made with $19 billion.

BlackBerry is already aware of this and is taking steps to improve their service. The potential is huge, but can be had only if the correct strategies are used.

Source: www.dealbook.nytimes.com

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