Google Acquires Green Throttle Games

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Google has closed a deal with Green Throttle Games, an Android gaming company that has been nearly defunct since last year. The company was a startup and was aimed at providing a gaming experience for Android devices. So why does Google think it can help them achieve their goals? Because this startup had a lot of talent on board and Google wants to tap into that.

In the past, the acquired company launched a Bluetooth based gaming controller that was capable of providing multiple controller inputs on the same gaming device. This means that at most four players can be connected if they have a local access to an Android tablet and Smartphone and are linked with the TV. No other company has managed to achieve this technology before.

Green Throttle Games had another plan which they did try to implement, but it did not work out that well. They wanted to aid developers in building a gaming experience that was designed specifically for the living room. Previously all that has been done was tweaking mobile games and making them capable of providing a living room experience. The plan could not be achieved because an additional multi controller support was required in every app; something which is not standard for the Android OS. Maybe Google wants to add this to Android capabilities and so acquired Green Throttle Games.

Though the acquired company was not operating, their controller is still available in the market. Right now, it is just like any other Bluetooth controller since the software required for multi support was integrated with the company’s operational center, which has been closed.

Now that Google has acquired the gaming company, it has improved its hardware team considerably. Since Google has plenty of talent right now, industry experts suggest it might announce the release of a set top box, sometime later this year. Green Throttle Games can help Google achieve not only this, but some other goals as well. For instance, Google is planning to launch a consumer TV and can use this opportunity to announce two screens gaming. Apple already has this feature, and now Google is no more than a step behind. Once they achieve this, it will provide Google a sharp edge because gaming is still their supremacy.


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