Sony VAIO Brand to be Acquired

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Sony has plans to restructure their products and for that they have taken help from a private equity firm, which is involved in buying assets from major electronic enterprises. The firm is not well known but it received the attention of the media when it announced that it will buy Sony’s computer unit, which has been unprofitable for some time. Right now, this unit is branded as VAIO and manufacturers notebooks and other computer units. What about the future? Will it be rebranded under another name or does the private equity firm have other plans for it?

Recently, this private equity firm has acquired a reputed internet service from a major information technology firm. Two years ago, it also bought the mobile telecommunications unit of a reputed camera developer, which was facing a scandal at that time. The deal was worth $676 million. The firm is always analyzing the electronic sector and keeps a lookout for potential opportunities that are not worth missing out on. At times, the firm acquires and at others, it just invests an amount of money.

A representative at the company told the press that they keep watch over spinouts which result from established firms. These take place when businesses are reshuffled so that more concentration can be made on the core areas.

So what does the company plan to do with Sony VAIO? As of right now, they are planning to set up a new company which will be assigned to look after the operations of the VAIO brand.  Sony has announced that it will invest an amount worth 5% of the capital of the new firm. As for the details, they have yet to be finalized but hopefully, both involved firms expect the sale to be completed by the 11th of July, 2014 when a complete contract is signed and all terms are decided. Sony added that it was open to negotiations.

The private equity firm which is going to acquire VAIO is confident that they will help the brand grow in the future and turn it into a profitable business. They will make efforts and the satisfaction of VAIO customers will be served. The company hopes to cash in on Sony’s designing and operational expertise for the purpose, and use it to achieve the results they want.


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