The Stock Market Has Made Investors Happy Again

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In the past decade or more, the stock market has suffered from the worst ever losses in the country’s history, and ripped the investors of their security. However, consider the last five years only, and things have significantly reduced. Investors have regained their confidence, and are keen to invest again in an attempt to secure their future. A recent survey, which confirms the same, highlights the signs that the stock market is back on the right path. Let us look at these in detail.

People have started to benefit from the stock market

The past has seen people cashing out of the stock market and missing out on significant profits when the market rebounded back. Not so anymore. The survey shows that this trend has taken a reverse direction and people are not only investing, but also enjoying profits. 67% of the respondents stated that market conditions have been favorable in the past 12 months, and only 11% of the people considered the market to be tough.

People are investing increased amounts in the stock market

The industry experts are optimistic about the stock market and the survey points out that people are feeling the same way. Nearly 80% of the people are putting more amounts of money in the market than they did in the past. The last time when this value was observed, it came out to be 67% about a year ago, so this is a significant rise.  Among those who are not so optimistic, only 21% said they were not so keen to invest again.

People nearing retirement have already achieved their targets

When the financial crisis hit the country, homeowners were affected drastically, but they were not the only ones who had to face the greatest impact. People who were about to retire or had retired suffered just as much, and that too at the worst ever time. Now the market has rebounded and just like everyone else, is benefitting the elderly as well. They are already ahead of their savings goal and the survey claims this percentage to be around 67%.

People are making major financial moves

When the market is uncertain, people delay major financial moves. Not so any more and the investors are now willing to spend their savings. Only 4% people reported they had delayed buying a house and 26% people delayed their travel plans.


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