Candy Crush to Conduct an IPO

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Ever played Candy Crush? We’re sure you must have attempted it at least once; it is one of the most popular games out there and very addicting.  Developed by King Digital Entertainment, the parent company has plans to make the game go public. This move has shed some very interesting facts. Let’s talk about them in more detail. Since you love the game so much, we’re sure that you will find the facts interesting.

Candy Crush’s popularity is surging higher than you can ever imagine

How many people do you see every day glued to their mobile phones and tablets, trying to line up several pieces of colorful candy? Plenty, right? People find Candy Crush appealing because it keeps them engaged and allows them a diversion for a few minutes. As the levels increase, so does the complexity and so people are lured into the game more than ever.

According to a survey, the game has attracted 3 million users every day and together, they play over a billion games. On a per person basis, this is around 12 games every day.

Candy Crush is the developer’s only popular game

Generally, a gaming company launches a number of games and hopes that one of them will become popular. Other game companies have a number of games that are played by a large number of users. For King, this is just Candy Crush. Indeed, Pet Rescue Saga, which is another of their games is also popular, but compare it with Candy Crush, and it has a long way to go. It just has 15 million users on a daily basis who play around 8 games every day.

King has launched a number of other games as well, but their combined stats are also nowhere near that of Candy Crush.

Candy Crush is not based on advertising

Candy Crush does not feature any outside ads; the only source of revenues, which King has, is from the virtual items that they sell on the Candy Crush store. These are boosters and other items that can improve the game play. During the game, in-house ads of King’s other games are still displayed but they are not attracting enough people.

Candy Crush has led its developers to become the biggest gaming company

Last year, King’s revenues reached two billion which is the biggest any gaming company has ever achieved.

Candy Crush’s IPO is going to be launched in the next few weeks. Let’s see how the market takes it.


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