Google Acquires SlickLogin in their Race to Get Ahead

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Google has made it to the news once more with another acquisition, and this time, it is actually a pretty smart move. Though SlickLogin is just a startup, they have already made a lot of progress, which is probably why they caught Google’s attention. This company has developed an all new method of authentication which relies on sound waves and provides you authentication to websites you frequently visit. SlickLogin announced this technology just a few months before, and today they have sold off the company to one of the biggest brands on the internet. The details of the deal have not been revealed to the public.

On the day the deal was finalized, a representative of SlickLogin told the media that the entire team will join Google. The deal has been closed because both Google and SlickLogin have similar visions regarding logging and both the organizations feel that it should be a hassle free process.  The representative went on to add that Google was the first company that had offered a two step verification process, after which they began working on some other new and interesting ideas that will increase internet security.  The representative stated this to be another reason that SlickLogin and Google have joined hands.

As of now, there is no certainty if Google will add the services which SlickLogin provides to their list and to the Android OS. Even if they did, it would provide users with a great way for authentication of Google apps.

The authentication technology developed by SlickLogin is based on a number of protocols such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Once the system verifies that the Smartphone of the user is placed near their PC, the computer will emit a sound wave that is characterized by high frequency. The Smartphone will recognize this sound and will use it to authenticate that the real you is logging into the website with your actual credentials. The Smartphone then transmits a message to the website and you get logged into it.

There are many things that can go wrong with the above technology, which did receive some criticism initially. SlickLogin catered to all of them and responded that the technology is based on heavy encryption, which eliminates all the issues. This will actually be true when you factor in the fact that Google decided on this acquisition solely because of this new authentication technology.


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