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Are you planning to close a merger deal this year? Have you evaluated the probability of success and taken counter measures for the risks involved?  Have you taken into consideration how much time it will take to make certain you have a successful merger?  You will be up to your neck in spreadsheets, reports, financial records and the like, spending most of your nights and weekends at the office, busy with work as you try to close the deal successfully.

While in the throes of putting the deal together, your mind would be on the job at hand and definitely not a game.  Okay so where did that come from? In early January, a company that provides virtual rooms for M&A transactions released a game called M&A Game that is aimed at adding humor to the tough work involved in investment banking. According to the CEO of the company, a merger deal is so far from glamorous when you get stuck and have to sit at your desk for hours on end. He believes that as difficult as the task at hand maybe, there is no need for anyone to forget their own enjoyment. By developing a game the company is aiming to do just that and provides would be deal makers a chance to expose their competitiveness without having to subject themselves to any risks.

The game seems to be entertaining and thrilling, and can let you try out a lot of strategies. The real question here is will it really be all that widely utilized? Investment bankers hardly have any time for themselves; will they take time out for a game and participate in fake deals?

The CEO of the company went on to inform us that the game had attracted over a thousand users after it launch. After around ten hours, these users had played the game thousands of times. More than half of the games hardly lasted two minutes and 10% of these went on for about an hour or so. The average time of each game was around 10 minutes.

The main objective of the game is to sign as many deals as possible and build a company’s portfolio. You are free to choose your company name, industry, skills and the CEO’s appearance. You then have to select a team and negotiate deals with other parties. The companies involved can be merged, bought or sold. 

The game is available on the iTunes Store for free.


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