Major Airline Merger Can Have Significant Effects for Consumers

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The major airline merger is a deal that has made it to the headlines again and again, ever since it was announced. The two companies involved have removed all the obstacles and are about to unite except for a few secondary details. The prime reason behind the merger was to form the biggest airline in the world, a title that can be achieved if the deal is successful. What impact this will have on the consumers is yet to be seen, but the full influence will not be realized for a few months or even years.

If you have tickets to any of these airways, you should not have anything to worry about because none of the changes will be immediately effective. The two airlines are very keen on achieving a seamless transition and expect the deal to be closed in just a few days. Obviously, none of the modifications will be instant, but when they do become effective, here is what you can expect.


Ever since the year 2009, the tickets for the domestic flights have increased by as much as 15%. The same can be expected once this deal is finalized, and airfares will rise even more, and a large number of airlines will charge higher rates. However, a few among these might offer discounted packages so as to get ahead of the competition.

Frequent Flier Miles

Any mileage belonging to any of the two airlines will not expire and will be combined into a single loyalty program. If you enjoy a higher status on any one of these airlines, you would be given the same status on the other airline, which puts you a step closer to earning more rewards. If you are lucky and if the merger is executed as planned, you may even be offered better deals.


A linkage between the networks of the two airlines was a prime reason that the merger was planned. Achieving this can help the merged carrier in gaining more market share. The routes of the two airlines are very different, and there is hardly any overlap. The combined airline is expected to offer around 6,700 flights on a daily basis. Almost 336 destinations will be covered in 56 different counties, reducing the number of connecting flights.

The New Year has begun so we will just have to wait and see if this merger is for good or bad.


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