How to Prepare Yourself to Survive a Merger and Acquisition

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Mergers and acquisitions are the way businesses and organizations grow in the world today. It is a widely accepted norm, where big corporations come together to join hands. It helps them formulate plans better and get a stronghold of their respective industries. However, it is an extremely uncertain time for employees who are often released and discarded as the business starts to cut its costs. So what should an employee do to survive a merger and acquisition in the industry today?

Fortunately for you, here are some crucial pointers that you can consider in order to survive a merger and acquisition in the industry today.

Accept the Change

It is a given that a merger and acquisition will impact a business in more ways than one, and there is bound to be a lot of change over the course of time in that regards. Employees who recognize the fact that there will be change and are more comfortable in accepting change in the organization will undoubtedly develop the skills required to survive a merger.

Be More Involved

Once a merger and acquisition takes place, the company will then start to analyze all employees and look to retain the people they assume will help take them forward. Therefore it will work towards your advantage if you are more involved in the company, and show a keener interest to be a team player during the course of the merger. This will help build a solid profile for you, and work in your favor when the company decides to let people leave.

Become Invaluable

Statistics have shown that as many as 15% of all employees are laid off whenever a merger and acquisition takes place. Most of the employees that are laid off are employees which the company thinks it can replace quite easily. Therefore you should make sure that you become invaluable for the company so that you survive the cut after the merger.

Make Your Presence Felt

It is crucial that you make your presence felt in the workplace. Don’t turn down opportunities to showcase your skills and true potential whenever there is an opportunity. This will work in your favor as your boss or new bosses might appreciate your willingness to participate in activities which are benefitting the company.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Even after doing all the above things, it can still lead to you being laid off when your company undergoes a merger and acquisition. You should always be prepared for the worst case scenario, no matter how confident you are about keeping your job. This will ensure that you are not pushed out the door when you least expect it and it will help if you have at least checked and researched the job market for potential jobs you can consider, should the company decide to let you go.

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