Managing the I.T. Department during a Merger and Acquisition Deal

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IT gives life and definition to an organizations infrastructure. It plays a significant role in a merger and acquisition deal because it holds secrets to how each department operates, communicates and contributes. A merger or acquisition deal between two corporations is always hectic in the short run but necessary in the long haul as it paves way for future growth. This growth is possible only by combining resources and efforts, that otherwise couldn’t be possible independently.

The IT department’s contribution is critical in ensuring a successful merger in this day and age. It handles all the complex tasks and procedures of the two organizations and incorporates them into a single reengineered business model.

Here are some tips for managing your IT department during a merger and acquisition deal.

Understanding the Stakes at Hand

Mergers and acquisitions are not always seen as a good thing by the current employees on both sides, since it invariably means some of them will be let go, while others will remain or be relocated. What’s more is the IT systems of the two organizations may clash, and chances are you could find yourself in a situation where you must find a suitable way to familiarize the systems with each other without sacrificing efficiency.

Emotions tend to be high during a merger and acquisition deal, due to the uncertainty and stress related to the whole exercise and its impending results on employment. It is not uncommon to have a cloud of fear and bitterness in employees towards employers. A sound IT department helps make the transition more clear, efficient and effective.

Consider the Possibility of Sabotage in the Risk Management Strategy

You should consider the possibility of employees in your IT department withholding important information which may be crucial to the long term future of your merger and acquisition deal. Avoiding this form of sabotage by the employers who maybe fearful of losing their jobs can help make the transition smoother and considerably faster. It is always best therefore to safeguard any sensitive information with proper systems and procedures.

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