Organizing for Success through Mergers and Acquisitions

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The trend of organizing for success through bank mergers and acquisitions is a rising one, with many big name acquirers merging with companies to make their business stronger. Success has become synonymous with mergers in recent history, with some big name organizations merging together to become a one big corporation, which has resulted in them dominating their industry.

This has given encouragement to other organizations, who may be struggling in their respective industries individually, but they can compete on a more advanced level through mergers and acquisitions, which paves the path to success for them.

So how does a merger and acquisition deal take place? And how does an organization qualify for a merger and acquisition deal? The mergers and acquisitions deals are based on four tasks, which are absolutely critical to get right before two companies can join alliances. After all there is the age old saying ‘If you can’t beat them, join them!’

Numerous companies have become global icons and leaders in the world today, through acquiring smaller companies. So how does a company become a successful acquirer? Here is a look at the four essentials a company must have in order to acquire another company today.

The Core Deal Team

The first thing to do, would be to build a core deal team, which deals with identifying and studying marketing trends, which will in turn suggest which companies are more likely to be acquired. This allows a company to stay alert and go for the kill quickly when they sense a good opportunity for a merger or acquisition.

Getting the Experts and Management Involved

In order to have a successful acquisition, it is recommended to get the whole management and experts involved with the acquisition procedure, and keep them up to date with the process and the reasons for acquisition. This will allow them, to have hands on knowledge of what is required from them and enable a smooth acquisition.

Creating a Playbook

This is a crucial thing to do, since it will allow you to keep records of the acquisition and let you follow the rules of acquisition flawlessly. It will come in handy for future acquisitions as well, and give you a head start on the competition.

The Kill Deal Fever

Sometimes, companies can be over zealous in their acquisitions and get caught up in the excitement of the deal. This has an adverse effect, since it can also lead to flawed acquisition deals which may hurt the company in the future. Avoid this pitfall by creating a proper procedure, and ensure that the management follows the guidelines of the plan to the letter. If you sense that an acquisition is flawed, be prepared to walk away from the deal to avoid kill deal fever.

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