Stocks Suffer Their First Ever 3 Day Losing Streak for the Year 2013

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The stock market was going fairly good in 2013 up till now. The market started to suffer and finally experienced its first ever three day losing streak this year.

As the stock market started to lose its hold, several major industries collapsed and fell by several points. The company which suffered the most lost 126 points on the board and slid below the mark indicating 15,000. Other major companies also lost about 36 points whereas others fell behind by around 13 points. The same trend was observed for other major companies as well.

Though this decline is of concern, it is not the only thing that needs to be pondered on. Currently, the stock market is not fairing as well as it generally does and this has been the case for quite a few weeks now.

For the particular three days under discussion, even on the second days companies fell behind on their points. The blue chips reached a triple digit range that is a major sign of uncertainty.

All traders and investors are trying to determine the time when the easing program offered by the Federal Reserve will taper off. They are also thinking up strategies that can help them improve their positions and put them ahead in the market.

As of now, almost all the sectors in the stock market are suffering losses. This is most eminent for the utilities sector who have dropped behind the most. For the Dow stocks, the company which faced the biggest loss fell by almost 2.5%.

Despite this, there were a few companies which experienced a jump of almost 3% to 7%, but this was noted for just a few names. These companies are actually those who are ahead of the time plan they have drafted for themselves and are expecting a growth in profits for the upcoming fiscal year. Another company which has just made its debut surged by a massive 50%.

In the pharmaceutical sector, a mix was observed. While some of the reputed organizations put up a good performance and finished higher, others kept falling down. The average rate for this was around 7% to 7.5%.

In a nutshell, while some companies did experience positive jumps, others kept on falling behind and are still struggling to maintain a firm position in the market.

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