Have a Safe Fourth of July Holiday

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With the Fourth of July holiday right around the corner, want to take the time to remind you how dangerous this day can be.  Here are some common sense, yet often forgotten tips for safe holiday:

Swim safely

Two of the biggest pastimes during Fourth of July celebrations are water sports and fireworks.  Both of these activities are linked to numerous deaths and injuries every year.   Don’t swim alone.  Make sure that children are adequately supervised at all times during water play.  Most drownings happen when parents and other adults are nearby, so be sure to designate a chaperone to watch children during water play.  Don’t assume that other people are watching the kids.  According to statistics, most children who drown in pools were out of sight for less than five minutes.


Store fireworks in a safe environment.  Practice safe use of fireworks and keep children away from them at all times.  Make sure all spectators are at a safe distance.

Drink alcohol responsibly

Drinking alcohol and using fireworks is a dangerous and hazardous combination.  Make sure that you have a designated driver available to drive guests home after your party.  Remember that drinking and swimming is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Boating safety

Lakes, waterways, and seas will all be crowded with boats.  Review safe boating practices and don’t drink while operating your boat.  Drinking alcohol while operating boats or any other motorized water vessel is illegal.  Make sure that you have enough lifejackets on hand for everyone on your boat.  Take time to become familiar with the boating laws in the area where you’re boating.

Food & beverages

Keep all food and beverages covered when outdoors.  This will keep bees and wasps from ending up in your food or drinks.  Have an emergency anaphylaxis kit in your first aid kit in the event that someone who is allergic to insect stings has a reaction.  Wear shoes, long sleeves, long pants, and avoid fragrances, bright colors and sugary drinks to help prevent bee stings.


Apply sunscreen before and during outdoor activities.  The ultraviolet rays from the sun are known to cause premature aging and skin cancer.  In addition, a sunburn is very painful and can last for weeks.

Prescription medications

Make sure your prescriptions are stored in a safe place.  Some prescriptions can cause a sun sensitizing reaction.


If you plan on hiking or camping in an area where ticks are abundant, wear long-sleeves, like colors, and long pants.  Tech your pants into your socks or boots to help prevent tick-borne diseases.  Use a tick repellent that has no more than 30 percent DEET.  Don’t use products containing DEET on children under the age of two months, and don’t apply it to the hands or face of young children.  Be sure to check yourself, your children, and your pets for ticks at the end of the day.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink plenty of fluids to avoid heat related illnesses.  In extremely hot climates, the risk of heat related illnesses are increased when you participate in strenuous activities or sports.  People with chronic medical conditions or who are elderly have an increased risk of heat exhaustion and/or heat stroke.  Consuming alcohol can also contribute to dehydration and increase the risks.

Campfires and grills

Check your grills for gas leaks and blocked tubes before you use them.  Keep your children away from campfires and grills.

Food safety

Don’t leave your food sitting out all day.  Food that sits in outdoor temperatures can lead to foodborne illnesses.  According to the FDA, food should not be left out for more than an hour and temperatures above 90°F, and not more than two hours at any other temperature.  Foods that require cooling, should be put in a cooler with plenty of ice or freezing packs at a maximum temperature of 40°F.  Even though mayonnaise and egg dishes are the foods most associated with food poisoning, all foods can become contaminated. 

Happy Fourth of July from LuAnn Capital!

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