DataSift & Splunk – Strategic Alliance for Social Marketing

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DataSift, the leading social insight platform company recently announced a strategic alliance with Splunk a company that creates the software that collects, indexes, and harnesses machine-generated data.   Because the two platforms are integrated, customers will now be able to stream social data from DataSift into Splunk Storm and Spunk Enterprise.  Marketers will now be able to analyze and correlate social media data with business and operational data as a result of this alliance. 

This is the first social data platform to stream data into Splunk Storm and Splunk Enterprise and this integration will help companies make more insightful business decisions.  Nick Halstead, DataSift founder and CTO said, “The DataSift platform’s ability to feed Splunk Storm and Splunk Enterprise enables companies to collect and run analytics on terabytes of social data within minutes.  The unique combination of powerful cloud solutions is a great example of the best in big data.”

DataSift is the only company delivering social data directly into data warehousing and business intelligence platforms.  The majority of social data is unstructured, and hard to filter and analyze effectively.  DataSift’s powerful and sophisticated tools allow companies to extract value from data without the cost of buying the infrastructure and analytic tools required to deal with the massive amount of social data generated every day.

Companies will now be able to view how operational issues are affecting the social experience by correlating social data with operational data like web logs, metrics and events.  This type of intelligence will give companies compelling operational analytics and drive more successful social media strategies.

The benefits of this integration for brands include:

  • Instant delivery of Brand insights – the combination of operational data with social data will reveal information that pertains to brand awareness and customer sentiment.   Companies will now know immediately if operational issues impact the brand and by how much.
  • Improved customer engagement- companies will be able to develop a strategy based on hard data.  For example, the analytics derived from this integration about social media campaigns can be used to determine how long the promotion should be run.
  • Simplicity and savings- the integrated programs provide cost and resource savings through the use of cloud-based platforms eliminating the need for servers, system administrators, Haadoop clusters or BI experts.

Bill Gaylord, senior vice president of business development at Splunk said, “The speed and ease- of-use of Splunk software combined with the power of DataSift’s social data platform gives organizations transparency to their brand and social media while also providing analytics and insights about actual customer behavior from operational data.  Organizations that are able to assess the impact of social media are better positioned to capitalize on new business through social or viral promotions.”

Rob Bailey CEO of DataSift said, “We’re incredibly impressed with how Splunk has built a market-leading company by helping organizations generate insights from machine generated big data, and were honored to be the first company with a social data integration into Splunk Storm and Splunk Enterprises.” 


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